The Utorial Classroom

Posted: 2014-11-23 12:25:57 GMT Updated: 2015-03-03 07:55:05 GMT
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We’re really proud of the classroom – we’ve loaded it up with heaps of features to help knowledge sharing easy.

- Tutors can be booked for a generic tutorial (via the ‘Book Me’ button) or a specific Tutorial (if they have created one). All tutorials take place in the same type of classroom.

- The classrooms are only compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers. We’re working on making it compatible with Internet Explorer.

- A Tutor must accept/ confirm the tutorial after it has been requested by a student – requested tutorials are displayed in your ‘Tutorials’ page. Once confirmed, Utorial takes payment from the Students credit card and pays the Tutor 7 days after the tutorial is completed (ensuring both Tutor and Student turn up to the Tutorial!)

- Tutors and Students can enter the classroom by clicking on the ‘Enter Classroom’ button in their ‘Tutorials’ page.

- The Tutor must click ‘Begin Tutorial’ before any sharing can be done.

- The Tutor and Students can use video chat, text chat, a digital whiteboard which they can both draw on, screen share (either partial or whole screen) and document sharing.

- Group tutorials can handle up to 300 participants. For tutorials with 10 or more students, all students will be muted unless a Tutor elects to talk directly to them.

- In large groups, questions can be put to the Tutor via the text chat.

- The Tutorial will end once the allotted time has lapsed – please wrap up discussions in time!



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