Hello! I am the jack of all trades, master of none! If you would like to learn about mathematics, travel, spanish, german or russian, but not about how to capitalize letters when required choose me to be your tutor!


Software Consultant at Growth Curve Marketing from 2013 to 2013
MRD consultation and prototype development.

Software Engineer at Max Planck Institute for Genetics from 2010 to 2012
Designed and implemented intuitive user interfaces to manage data entry of genotype polymorphic data. The process of inputing the genotype data triggers validations, transformations, and meta-analyzing to show immediately to the entry staff as well as the scientific community the latest correlations between diseases and genes.

Software Engineer at SafeNet from 2006 to 2009
Designed and implemented intuitive user interfaces to manage security, encryption and access policies for structured and unstructured Enterprise Data.

Teacher Assistant at University of Miami from 2003 to 2005
Taught and tutured undergraduate courses of mathematics. Awarded TA of the year 2004-2005.

Programmer, Systems Analyst, Graduate Assistant at University of Miami from 2003 to 2005
Developed an online, multiple account, user interface and correspondence functionality to the Note-taker, Test-taker, Tutor and Staff Schedule database, and bug-reporting programs using WAMP.

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Master of Science (MS) at University of Miami from 2003 to 2005

Bachelor of Science (BS) at University of Oregon from 2000 to 2003


Meera wrote on LinkedIn: "Effortlessly intelligent is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Leif. We were part of a small engineering team of four with a focus on User Interfaces. As a colleague, Leif was easy to approach, always friendly and managed to get his work done and more with effortless ease. His ability to tackle the most complex of tasks without getting stressed served as a positive influence on the rest of the team. Leif would be an asset to any team he joins. He encompasses the all the necessary traits for a successful employee with a personality that's friendly and his natural aptitude for programming."

private wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif was a valuable contributor to the marketing group particularly during an acquisition. He had a knack of being able to explain the solutions and products in a none technical way which allowed the marketing team to quickly understand them and their benefits. As others have said he quickly creating a fully integrated solution between SafeNet's existing security products and that of a recently acquired firm which we were impressed with as he just seemed to get on with the project and didn't need much support. He certainly is a team play, is full of life, an optimist who is practical. He has a knack of being able to relate to people and communicate effectively and in their 'language' to them. So he can have indepth technical conversations with engineering peers and explain the same thing to a non technical audience."

Phil wrote on LinkedIn: "It was a pleasure to work alongside Leif during my time at Ingrian Networks. Leif brought a positive energy to the team and always went out of his way to help others and make them feel welcome. I particularly remember how he acted as a mentor to the many interns working at the company, and was always willing to share his experience and offer new ideas. Leif was an effective problem solver and was always eager to take on challenging projects. I recall numerous occasions where he willingly proposed design improvements for the software and subsequently took the lead on implementing those changes. I have no doubt that Leif will have a strong impact on any company he joins in the future."

Venkitachalam wrote on LinkedIn: "I worked with Leif in Ingrian Networks where he was associated with the client team at the start and later handled various different roles all across the product. He is very cheerful, easy to approach and a very smart engineer. He brings lots of energy around him and is very motivated. He finds elegant solutions to problems and maintains a high quality of code. I would highly recommend him and he would be an asset to any organization which would hire him. To add to it I would love to work with him in the future."

David wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif was a very smart and sharp member of the development staff at Ingrian and SafeNet. One of those types of engineers able to foresee issues in design before the become backed into the product. He has an excellent understanding of the development processes and practices, and would be an excellent addition to any team."

Slam wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif brought excellent insight and effective communication to design meetings, and followed up with productive solutions to the UI components of Ingrian/SafeNet products. He was fun to be around and brought his competitive nature to the fussball table! I recommend him as a teammate and engineer."

Alan wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif was a pleasure to work with at Ingrian Networks. He brought positive morale, thoughtful design, and timely productivity to each day at the office. I recommend him as a strong software engineer with a unique background of problem solving skills, who could fit well in any team or company."

Steven L. wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif is a unique person. He is brilliant and creative. He is courageous and not afraid to tackle difficult and complex issues. Often called a "Brainiac" by friends, Leif is not smug or arrogant about his abilities. He's fun, dedicated and a committed team player. Will be a great hire."

Ken wrote on LinkedIn: "I first came to know Leif during our time at SafeNet, where Leif was a software engineer. He worked on a number of projects for our team, and was always enthusiastic, diligent, and a delight to work with. For example, he was in charge of quickly creating a fully integrated solution between SafeNet's existing security products and that of a recently acquired firm. He did so more quickly than we had hoped, and more thoroughly than we thought possible. His work allowed us to begin marketing and selling the solution ahead of our most ambitious projections. His ability to solve difficult problems, and to do so with such a positive and creative outlook, made him a favorite point of contact for both other engineers as well as the product management teams. He's a brilliant engineer and a dedicated team player. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any firm looking for the best people."

Marty wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif is a skilled, energetic, driven developer whom I met while he was demoing proofs of concept at Ingrian/Safenet, and I was writing code in Selenium to drive a real demo of the same. Leif was a hero at both writing and delivering the code, then using his extensive natural people skills to sell it directly to the decision makers. He wasn't a sales engineer, but went above and beyond the usual role of architect and developer to provide that capability where it was needed. I highly recommend Leif for any job that calls for sheer coding ability, creativity, communication with customers and among the team."

private wrote on LinkedIn: "During my tenure at Ingrian Networks, I knew Leif to be a strong technical talent with a natural curiosity for all things software. Always motivated by a challenge, he has an infectiously positive attitude and consistently works in harmony with other team members. His experiences abroad and within the corporate environment give him a uniquely global breadth of experience that few others can lay claim to. I have no doubt that Leif will serve as a definite asset to any organization and look forward to working with him again."

Huy wrote on LinkedIn: "Even though we worked together 7+ years ago, I still remember the day I interviewed Leif and the followings months we worked together. Leif is a smart and joyful individual that I had the pleasure to get to know and to work with at Ingrian Networks (later acquired by SafeNet). I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

Baker wrote on LinkedIn: "Leif is a unique, hard-working, fun, and confident colleague who is well versed in C++, Java, Linux, and many other things including foosball. He's really high spirited and he's really good at anything he does. I highly recommend Leif for any organization who's looking for real talent"

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