Set up a killer budget

US$-1.00 per 1 hour TUTORIAL | Private Tutorial
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After one hour you will: - know exactly what you earn - know exactly what you spend - understand why you make the decisions you make - have a definite amount that you will pay yourself - have a goal of what you are saving for - have an action plan for how to start building your wealth

We start with what's important to you and use that as a platform for me to explain how successful budgeting works. You Do as I Teach, so you're actively involved. You will end the tutorial with a completed budget specific to your lifestyle at this very point in time. Throughout the tutorial, I'll give you tips about how to increase the amount you save AND how to increase the amount you earn. We'll wrap up with how to use a budget to regularly help you build your wealth, and discuss some simple strategies for investing your money so that it's Woking for you!



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