Transforming Chinglish into Professionally Written English

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Do you need help with your Chinglish? Badly-written papers submitted in English can cost you valuable marks on your essay. I will work with you to iron out all the errors in your essay to reveal its true meaning so you can score the highest academic mark that your essay deserves.

Hi, I am an English Honours student who specializes in helping International students with their grammar, sentence structure and meaning in their essays. In this tutorial, I will work patiently with you to determine the true meaning of your essay, since I know that English can be a tricky language to convey meaning in, especially for non-native learners. I don't just deal with essays, I cover ALL and ANY kind of text which you think needs correcting. This could be your covering letter for a job you want, or a report you need to submit. How it Works: 1) You send me your essay/piece of text. 2) Upon receipt of payment I will correct it. 3) We will then use the tutorial time to discuss the work: has the meaning you intended been conveyed? 4) You send the text off for marking/wherever it needs to go!




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