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Hello, everyone! I am Cece. I currently live in Liverpool as an international student in business subject. I developed good communication and teaching skills and I would love to make good use of these skills in a way that will benefit both of us. Thank you!

This is going to be a private tutorial and I would love to take pre-session consultancy for free if you have any question related to this tutorial and the person who is going to deliver the knowledge. I grown up in mainland China and speak Mandarin as my mother tongue. I would like to highlight this is going to be a Mandarin course because I only teach you the 'standard' Chinese which are most widely used. However, not everyone is capable of. I believe everyone is fully aware of the power of accent and like for me, I was raised in a special environment that everyone around me speaks only mandarin. Now I would love to use this benefit and deliver it to all of you who are interested in this beautiful language. Currently, as I am only just recently started, there are two package for you to choose. Option 1: you can start learning this language systemically, in a relative slower pace so that when you find yourselves really keen to explore this language, your will be well equipped with the fundamental and necessary knowledge and skills to go further. Option 2: we are going to work together to make sure you can express yourself and understand easy daily conversation on a tourism basis so that you can pay a visit to Greater China with no need of the travel agencies and design your own lovely trip. Please feel free to email me at: henongnini@foxmail.com or leave me a message. I will reply as soon as possible. If you have an option 3 designed personally for yourself, you can always let me know. I am quite open minded, if I can deliver what you asked, it would be my pleasure to do so. Thank you for spending time on my description. If you like it, please do not forget to tell you friends about your thoughts and bring them to me. Thank you very much. I hope to meet you soon. Cheers.



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